My primary interests are substantive and stylistic editing—identifying plot holes, finding gaps in narrative or character logic, and working to maintain consistency of voice and tone. Additionally, I have extensive copy editing and proofreading experience. See descriptions below for a more detailed breakdown of editorial types.


Substantive/Developmental Editing:

  • Reorganizing and/or restructuring a manuscript or screenplay for content and flow.
  • Identifying problem areas and plot holes.
  • Identifying gaps in narrative and/or character logic.
  • Clarifying meaning and intent of narrative message.

Stylistic Editing:

  • Removing unnecessary slang and/or jargon, simplifying language, and maintaining a consistent audience reading level.
  • Achieving/maintaining clarity in the meaning of the work.
  • Achieving/maintaining clarity of voice and tone.

Copy Editing:

  • Implementing proper mechanics and correct usage of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Editing with respect to regional conventions.
  • Editing with careful attention to common mistakes, such as proper names and anachronisms.


  • Checking the accuracy of all edits within the final manuscript, screenplay, and/or the galley, ARC, or mock-up.
  • Providing a final line-by-line read-through of the work.

Fact/Reference Checking:

  • Checking the accuracy of all real-world items within a manuscript or screenplay, including but not limited to: facts and details, quotes, names and references, selections of poetry and/or song lyrics, and references to and about popular culture.

Technical Writing/Editing:

  • Writing and editing concise marketing copy and/or scripts used in marketing materials and campaigns.




  • Constructing a layout or designing a layout template for a manuscript, including typesetting, indexing, page breaks, the location and installation of artwork or photographs, constructing a table of contents, inserting page numbers, and fact checking if necessary.
  • Providing advice for layout and design, including the production of design briefs.

Production Editing:

  • Ensuring accuracy and consistency of the design choices with respect to the editorial work and the manuscript itself.
  • Identifying imagery, symbols, and details to be used in the design process.



I offer help for new writers wanting to understand and successfully navigate the sometimes difficult submission process. I can also help you find the best avenues for marketing your work, or simply to aid you in finding a publisher that most suits your tone and ambitions.

For publishers, I offer a comprehensive understanding of the publishing production process, from print and ebook metadata and jacket copy writing all the way to the printer, distribution, and beyond. Should any one of these prove a stumbling block for your publishing house, I can be of assistance.

*Please contact me via email for all pricing information.