The Portfolio section is a catalogue of my passions and accomplishments, from publishing and writing to film and visual art. In these pages, you will see the best I have to offer in a variety of areas, both personal and professional.

The Editorial page will direct you to a detailed breakdown of each and every project I’ve worked on and my specific editorial roles.

The Writing page is broken into four sections: Fiction, for all published and professional fiction writing projects (novels, novellas, short fiction, and screenplays); Non-Fiction, for all academic and journalistic material; Copy, for all professional catalogue and marketing copy writing I’ve done for a variety of published material; and published book Reviews.

The Publishing page is devoted to work I’ve done in the Design, Layout, and Production of published books of all kinds, from traditional fiction titles to works of poetry, drama collections, and comics and graphic novels.

The Film page is a list of productions I’ve written screenplays for.

Last but not least, the Art page is my personal visual art portfolio. Most of my work draws upon my experiences as a synaesthete and the relationship between art and music.

Stay tuned for regular updates in all categories.