Editorial: Release Dates Are Like Tears in the Rain…

Full transparency time: this is actually my second swing at this editorial. The first attempt was, to paraphrase my co-EIC Michael, a little too “Fuck you, 2018, we survived.” And they were absolutely right: it was very much a blog post-style rant, and very angry. Which, I suppose, tells you a little about where my headspace has been as of late—I’ve been struggling for much of this year to find the good in . . . well, most things, to be honest.

But there is good. There’s excellent, in fact, and a lot of it. While my personal inclination is to shift focus from the magazine to the larger world and the many, many trash fires therein, the fact remains that 2018 was an incredible year for Anathema. In 2018 we: started off our year with a second crowd-funding campaign and successfully raised enough funds to keep plugging along through year two and into year three; ran a month-long subscription drive that, along with bringing us to over one hundred subscribers, has afforded us the opportunity to double our rates—in 2019 we’ll be paying $100 for fiction and non-fiction, and $200 for cover art; succeeded in getting work—Suzan Palumbo’s “The Pull of the Herd” and Kai Hudson’s “White Noise”—on the Nebula Reading List for the second year in a row; and had our first year’s best reprint, with our very first story ever published, S. Qiouyi Lu’s “A Complex Filament of Light,” finding a second home in Bogi Takács’ Transcendent 3: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction.

So yeah. When you cut through a lot of the chaff and frustration of 2018—the year that was actually ten—there’s a great many things worth celebrating. To that note, we’re closing out our second year with yet more content absolutely worth lauding: We’ve got (ghost) stories aplenty from new authors Dominique Dickey, Aysha U. Farah, Cristina Stubbe, Jonathan Kincade, and Maya Chhabra, and returning author (and aforementioned Nebula Reading List success story) Kai Hudson. And our amazing, beautifully demonic cover comes to us from artist Saira Gerona.

I still want to vent about the state of the world, but there was far more positivity to this year than I’d realized. And so I want to use this space to cast light on that, and to say—truly, sincerely—thank you to all our readers, now and in the future, for sticking with us for these past two years and, hopefully, for many more to come. Because we’ll keep doing this for as long as you’re out there with us, reading and wanting new stories, deadlines—and release dates—be damned (yes, we know this issue is super late—we blame, well, life).

So here’s to the end of year two, and to the start of year three and beyond—and to 2019, and a better and safer year for all of us. And that, if nothing is else, is an idea absolutely worth celebrating.


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