Editorial: Continued Metamorphosis

An alternate title to this editorial could be, “How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Malleability of Our Existence.” That’s a mouthful, sure, but it gets to the heart of things.

Now halfway through our third year, Anathema continues to take shape, both editorially and literally, like an ever-blooming flower-type thing. Not only are our various editorial tastes and practices coalescing into something solid and tangible (operating akin to a well-oiled machine, only more organic and less, you know, oily), our magazine itself is growing and coming into its own.

Last issue, we officially introduced poetry to our pages. Since then, we’ve had a number of fantastic submissions, and have two more such pieces for you this month: A.Z. Louise, making their first appearance in our pages with “Seventeen Days”; and the return of the always incredible Joyce Chng with “Pendant.”

To the fiction end of the equation, we have four stories all from authors new to Anathema: S. J. Fujimoto’s beautifully ethereal “A Patch of Night,” Jon Mayo’s tender ghost story “A House With a Home,” Brandann R. Hill-Mann’s quietly devastating “Soul Sisters,” and Ian Muneshwar’s interrogative, painful “Still Water.” A word of caution, though: while all four stories are beautiful and heart-rending in their own way, it’s worth noting, in a desire to do right by our audience, that the latter two stories, “Soul Sisters” and “Still Water,” deal directly with sexual and physical assault, as well as the surrounding implications of both. Please read with caution. Rounding out this issue, we have for our non-fiction entry Adefolami Ademola’s “A Half-Formed Thing,” a vulnerable, open wound of a piece about the scars we carry—both visible and invisible.

And there you have it: Issue 8, coming at you relatively on schedule—a thing in which we take great relief after the past couple of issues—and with an utterly gorgeous cover (“Springtime”) from artist Jade Zhang.

One more thing to note: In September, following the release of this issue, we will once more be embarking on that most un-enjoyable of things—a fundraiser to raise money for Issue 9 (December 2019) and our 2020 issues. To keep abreast of our efforts and to help (by either pitching in or spreading the word), please, if you haven’t already, give the Anathema Twitter account a follow (@anathemaspec). There you’ll find all the details on our upcoming fundraiser, not to mention our various ramblings/rantings/fists raised in fury against the world.

As one does.

Good reading, all.


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