Herbert Has Lots for a Buck: How 12 Small Prairie Towns Reinvented Themselves for the 21st Century, by Elizabeth McLachlan

June 11, 2012

Canada in the twenty-first century is a place of growth and expansion. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto have become world-class destinations for business and tourism. […]

Swallow, by Theanna Bischoff

June 11, 2012

You wake up, and your sister is dead. With an absent father and a chronically ill mother, sisters Darcy and Carly Nolan were forced to […]

The Shore Girl, by Fran Kimmel

The Shore Girl
June 11, 2012

Rebee Shore’s life is fragmented. She’s forever on the move, ricocheting around Alberta, guided less than capably by her dysfunctional mother Elizabeth. The Shore Girl […]

Martini with a Twist: Five Plays by Clem Martini

Martini With a Twist
June 11, 2012

Absurdity reigns in multiple award-winning author and playwright Clem Martini’s newest collection of work, Martini with a Twist—five plays spanning twenty years of Martini’s career, […]

Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta’s Aboriginal Elders (20th Anniversary Edition), by Dianne Meili

Those Who Know cover
May 15, 2012

The elders in Those Who Know have devoted their lives to preserving the wisdom and spirituality of their ancestors. Despite insult and oppression, they have […]

Dance, Gladys, Dance, by Cassie Stocks

May 1, 2012

BEAUTIFUL old phonograph for sale. 78 record player. Excellent condition. Gladys doesn’t dance anymore. She needs the room to bake. Bring offer. Ph. 254-9885. 27-year-old […]

Restless White Fields, by Barbara Langhorst

April 15, 2012

the one clear way to raise the dead may be to absolve the living How do you rebuild a life? In this unsentimental collection of […]

Geographies of a Lover, by Sarah de Leeuw

April 1, 2012

this tender wound is my missing your body, standing on a lake shore with the sun at my back we meet in the wet heat […]

Western Taxidermy, Stories by Barb Howard

March 15, 2012

When Deirdre invited me to the baby shower I just thawed the gopher in the microwave, turned it inside out, scraped it clean, and stuffed […]

In Flux: Transnational Shifts in Asian Canadian Writing, by Roy Miki

In Flux Cover Final
October 15, 2011

In this collection of essays edited by the University of Guelph’s Smaro Kamboureli, Roy Miki—poet, scholar, and member of the Order of Canada—investigates the shifting […]

Business As Usual, by Michael Boughn

Business as Usual Cover Blurb
October 1, 2011

For academics David and Claire, playing detective turns out to be harder than it looks… David Sanders is a penniless poet struggling to hold onto […]

Malabarista, by Garry Ryan

Malabarista Cover
September 15, 2011

Garry Ryan follows up Smoked with his most revelatory Detective Lane mystery yet. While under investigation by the Calgary Police Department, Lane finds himself fighting […]

House of Spells, by Robert Pepper-Smith

House of Spells cover_with_blurb
September 1, 2011

I know why Mr. Giacomo wants Rose’s baby and why he can’t have him. And I want to make sure none of this is forgotten. […]

Arrhythmia, by Alice Zorn

Arrhythmia Jacket 4
May 1, 2011

Betrayal is an ugly yet compulsive game. Joelle is about to lose her husband Marc, who has become obsessed with Ketia, a young Haitian woman. […]

Santa Rosa, by Wendy McGrath

Santa Rosa jpeg
April 15, 2011

What is real when seen through the eyes of a child? When does the harshness of reality transform idyllic memories? The young narrator of Santa […]

Gangson, by Andy Weaver

April 1, 2011

Gangson is about aesthetics and culture, both personal and impersonal. It’s about language and politics, and the politics of language. Gangson is also about violence. […]

Grayling Cross, by Gayleen Froese

March 15, 2011

Why is magic still a secret in Edmonton? Good PR. Psychic Anna Gareua and public relations expert Collie Kostyna keep things quiet for local magicians […]

Baba Yaga and the Wolf, by Marek Colek and Pat Shewchuk

October 8, 2010

Visually influenced by the dense forested landscape of British Columbia, Baba Yaga and the Wolf tells the story of Katerina and the journey she takes […]

Ojingogo, by Matthew Forsythe

November 8, 2008

Exuding simplicity in design and narrative, Ojingogo is an illustrated dreamscape about a girl, a squid, and the creatures and calamities they experience together. Drawing […]

Prayer Requested, by Christian Northeast

July 8, 2008

Succinctly stated and punctuated with a sharp-edged visual style, Prayer Requested presents a narrative of illustrations and collages, each one accompanied by a found or […]