Business As Usual, by Michael Boughn

For academics David and Claire, playing detective turns out to be harder than it looks…

David Sanders is a penniless poet struggling to hold onto his lowly teaching position in his university’s English department. When his girlfriend, botany professor Claire Dumont, receives an invitation from an old friend to investigate a mystery at his vineyard in Niagara wine country, David convinces her to let him tag along. But what starts out as a lark—a chance to escape their stuffy offices and play Nick and Nora Charles—soon puts these amateur sleuths on the trail of a conspiracy far more complicated and deadly than those old mystery novels ever led them to expect.

Michael Boughn’s Business As Usual is a charming, captivating caper that proves a little learning really can be a dangerous thing.

ISBN-13: 978-1897126-91-2

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