Arrhythmia, by Alice Zorn

Betrayal is an ugly yet compulsive game.

Joelle is about to lose her husband Marc, who has become obsessed with Ketia, a young Haitian woman. Ketia lies to her family to conceal her liaison with Marc, knowing they would not approve. Joelle’s friend Diane does not realize that her boyfriend Nazim has never told his Muslim family in Morocco about her. Then Nazim gets a letter that threatens his secret.

In her first novel since her highly successful debut collection of short fiction, Ruins & Relics, Alice Zorn leads readers with sureness, sly humour, and grace into the lives of a diverse cast of characters struggling with conflicting cultural values and the demands of intimacy. Set in a busy Montréal hospital in the winter of 1999, Arrhythmia is a study of betrayal: the large betrayals we commit against our loved ones, and the smaller ones we commit against ourselves.

ISBN-13: 978-1-897126-80-6

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